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If you've been going through our diners list looking for an authentic and highly recommended Dive-Bar, then this is it gals and guys! Essentially offering massive, delicious and greasy portions at rock bottom prices for everyone. They have tons of Burgers available here, favorites such as the Gally Buster Burger, Cashew Burger or the super fiery Jalapeno Cream Cheese Burger that continues to be our personal favorite to this very day. The Anchor Bar & Grill in Superior has everything a great hang out bars requires from the laid back vibe the moment you enter to the memorabilia-laden walls to adore. In addition to their amazing and cheap (but high quality) burgers on the menu, they've also come packed with a great assortment of micro-brews available on tap, just for you. But back to the reason we love it.. the burgers! Seriously folks, they have a ton of options here from the classic staples to new concepts you've only dreamt of. Even though over the years they have expanded with success and fame, they have managed throughout these years to remain the small neighborhood type spot that got them started. Always a wide mix of patrons here, everyone is welcome to dig in and enjoy a very affordable burger. Again, expect a compact menu here, but the overall quality of what it does contain is the winner here. How many times do you visit a restaurant and skim through the entire menu and don't truly find anything? Well that won't happen here, we promise you'll have a difficult time narrowing your decision to just a single menu item. Another thing you can absolutely count in each time here.. is the great service! Visit the Anchor Bar & Grill, there is no chance you'll be disappointed.

Address / Location

413 Tower Avenue
Superior, WI 54880

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Menu Recommendations

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Pub & Bar Food Burgers

Gallybuser Burger Cashew Burger
Bluecheese Burger Anchor Bar Food
Ruben Burger Bacon Burger
Anchor Bar Buffalo Burger

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Diet-friendly, vegan, gluten free or organic meals may be available.

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