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We truly appreciated what this place has done with Classical American meals - their twist really adds a new experience while sticking to what makes it so traditional and memorable for most of us dating back to childhood memories at the family dining table. For example, the Meatloaf with their Signature Ketchup will blow your socks off - simple yet perfect at the same time. Also, be sure to try their Righteous Gumbo that is prepared in house and served hot to order. BUT, as we at time must report to our readers, Bang! the Highland Square restaurant unfortunately closed their doors for the final time in the summer of 2015. After nearly two amazing decades of service that was unmatched by anything nearby, the three owners Chris and Jeff Oakley along with the dessert master Cissy Olderman decided to move on to other things. Sometimes it'd difficult to see such amazing dining spots close their doors, but we respect their wishes and are always thankful for the amazing memories their spot has created for the countless folks whom have dined here. Some more memorable dining options here were the Sweet Potato Bread, Asian Wings, Braised Pork Shoulder, Tossed Cobb Salad, the Grilled Shrimps and so much more. It was a small yet cozy spot with amazing service and very affordable prices. We hope others will try to fill the big shoes that Bang! has left behind.

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3472 W. 32nd Ave.
Denver, CO 80211

Bang! on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

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American Food Steaks & Beef

Gingerbread Gumbo
Meatloaf with Signature Ketchup Bang! Food
Black Bottom Pie Shrimp Po Boy
Peach Cobbler Duck Confit

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