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With one of the best lookouts of any diner you'll find in the sunny state of California, the home-style menu is equally as impressive. The first thing we suggest you order is the famous Scrapple or Guy's favorite Pancake Souffle that is made with Apple Brandy. Finish it all off with their Scones as they are always prepared fresh and will have you taking selfies with them. So many amazing choices in Berkeley, this is the one we can truly stand behind, it's that good. This is without question a landmark spot that doesn't just serve breakfast, but the BEST breakfast. Family-run and owned since the early 80's, they are coming up to their third decade of service and are showing no sighs of slowing down as far as we can see. The pancakes here are what put them on the map with varieties such as gingerbread and buttermilk that lead the way. All of the baked goods are baked fresh each morning on site and when you walk past.. you will be lured in with the wonderful fresh aroma. The most memorable aspect of this diner whoever is the service, as it is Bette's personal mission to make each and every customer feel like home. Another nice touch here is their real 1957 Seaburg jukebox which plays throughout the day. Grab a booth, take your time with the menu and enjoy your breakfast here as you'll soon wish it was breakfast time again. Are you hungry yet? Well stop by folks.. it's the best of the best.

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1807 4th St.
Berkeley, CA 94710

Bettes Oceanview Diner on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

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Pan-Fried Fish Sandwich Berry Souffle Pancake
Oceanview Scrapple Bettes Oceanview Diner Food
Grilled Cheese with Bacon Scrapple with Sausages
Banana Rum Souffle Pancake Crispy Home Potatoes with Onions

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