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We love historical settings in the culinary world and this one truly meets all the checks in what's impressive, especially the location. The building where this spot sits was built back in 1939 as The Live Oak Dairy in an Art Deco fashion. The addition of the plaster Cow on the roof was a true sight and brought visitors just to see it from across the country. The cow as called Old Bossy and that is where the spot got it's name from - Bossie's Kitchen. Originating in 2018, chefs Lauren Herman and Christina Olufson focus their talents and passion for cuisine by utilizing local farmers and markets. The focus is on seasonal flavors to bring a fresh, organic and ever-evolving menu to the patrons. They are committed to locally-grown produce that helps the smallest of farms nearby to share their efforts with the restaurant. Experience this amazing spot in a building built in the 20's that stands tall and proud to this day. It's a touch of history and a connection to the rich past that other restaurants can't replicate. Amazing menu here of course which shines bright with items such as Pork Belly Sandwich, Korean Chicken Sandwich, Mac and Cheese and more including an amazing assortment of delicious Donuts!

Address / Location

901 N Milpas St
Santa Barbara, CA 93103

Bossies Kitchen on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

Menu Recommendations

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Open Food Markets Desserts & Ice Cream

Korean Fried Chicken Sandwich Chocolate Almond Toffee Donut
Mac and Cheese with Garlic Crumbles Bossies Kitchen Food
Kumquat Cardamom Pistachio Donut Fried Egg Sandwich
Hanger Steak and Eggs French Cruller

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