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Well there should be no surprise as to what speciality this diner serves if you can take a minute and read their title. That's right, pizza is served here but really unlike anything you've had before. The first time you have this authentic Brick Oven Pizza, you'll never order pizza over at the mall again. The true art of perfecting the best pie takes generations of tradition that has been passed down to this very day. With so many pizza parlors spread across the USA, it's nice to come across a unique spin that makes it simple yet perfect. It does tend to get busy on the weekends, but that is to be expected. The thin pepperoni slice is just simply magic, enough grease, saltiness, flavor, crunch.. all of it. They also carry thick crust, so not to fear and even gluten free slices so anyone can not grab a slice and not have to worry about any aches or pains. Staff here is always friendly and wether you order ahead and sit down to eat, it's always a charmful experience. Some good choices here include the Chicken Cheese steak pizza, pepperoni and sausage and of course the fried zucchini sticks!

Address / Location

800 S Broadway
Baltimore, MD 21231

Brick Oven Pizza on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

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Fast Food Pizza

Margarita Lisa Pizza Steak and Potato Pizza
Spam Pizza Brick Oven Pizza Food
Ultimate Veggie Pizza Cheese Pizza
Cheese Steak Pizza Everything Pizza

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