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Guy Fieri


Eat the best BURGERS & SLIDERS
as seen on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives locations near me now

Hamburgers have become a staple in North America, the cooked patties inside a bun are a true classic. Today's burgers come in mini, spicy, fast-food variety, all sorts.. but they always go well with fries!

USA     .. organized by states

The Hurricane Burger

Manci's Antique Club
Daphne, AL
The Hurricane Burger at Mancis Antique Club
Favre Burger

Paradise Valley Burger Co.
Phoenix, AZ
The Favre at Paradise Valley Burger Company
Squeeze Burger

Squeeze Inn
Sacramento, CA
The Hurricane Burger at Mancis Antique Club

Brian Burger

Emma Jeans Burger Cafe
Victorville, CA
Brian Burger at Emma Jeans Holland Burger Cafe
Bacon & Cheese Single

San Diego, CA
Bacon and Cheese Single at Hodads
Fresh Ground Beef

Joe's Cable Car
San Francisco, CA
Fresh Ground Beef Burger at Joes Cable Car

Alligator Burger

Tioli's Crazee Burger
San Diego, CA
Alligator Burger at Crazee Burger
Portobello & Cheese

Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe
Emeryville, CA
Portobello and Goat Cheese Burger at Rudys Cant Fail Cafe
Italian Stallion

Burger Me
Truckee, CA
Italian Stallion at Burger Me

Beet Sliders

Gatsby's Diner
Sacramento, CA
Beet Sliders at Gatsbys Diner
Bacon & Blue Cheese

Dad's Kitchen
Sacramento, CA
Bacon and Blue Cheese Burger at Dads Kitchen
Meatball Sliders

Geyserville, CA
Meatball Sliders at Catellis

Harris Ranch Beef

Golden State
Los Angeles, CA
Harris Ranch Beef Burger at Golden State
Butter Burger

Crest Cafe
San Diego, CA
Butter Burger at Crest Cafe
Happy Cow Burger

The Factory Gastrobar
Long Beach, CA
Happy Cow Burger at The Factory Gastrobar

24-Hour Burger

Moo Creamery
Bakersfield, CA
24 Hour Burger at Moo Creamery
Korean Sliders

Cha Cha Chili
Los Angeles, CA
Korean Sliders at Cha Cha Chili
Garlic Burger

Bauer's 66 1/2 Skillet & Grill
Modesto, CA
Garlic Burger at Bauers 66 1/2 Skillet & Grill

Pancho Villa Burger

Pam Desert, CA
Pancho Villa Burger at Grill-A-Burger
Blackberry Bacon Bleu

Alameda, CA
Blackberry Bacon Bleu Cheeseburger at Scolaris

Lauer Krauts
Brighton, CO
Krautburger at Lauer Krauts

Short Rib Mini

Denver, CO
Short Rib Mini Burgers at Prohibition
Sasquatch Burger

Sasquatch Lodge
Fort Collins, CO
Burger at the Lodge Sasquatch Kitchen
Creamy Tuscan

Skirted Heifer
Colorado Springs, CO
Creamy Tuscan Burger at Skirted Heifer

Poutine Burger

Samples World Bistro
Longmont, CO
Poutine Burger at Samples World Bistro
Triple Play

Danny's All American Diner
Tampa, FL
Triple Play at Dannys All American Diner
Mad Love Burger

Latin House Burger & Taco
Miami, FL
Mad Love Burger at Latin House Burger and Taco Bar

Cow & Pig Burger

MEAT Eatery & Tap Room
Islamorada, FL
Cow & Pig Burger at MEAT Eatery & Tap Room
Pimento Cheese

Cabbage Town Market
Atlanta, GA
Pimento Cheese Burgers at Cabbage Town Market
Tofu Black Bean

Sweet Home Waimanalo
Waimanalo, HI
Tofu Black Bean Burger at Sweet Home Waimanalo

Kodiak Bear Burger

Kodiak Grill
Boise, ID
Bear Burger at Kodiak Grill
Inside Out Burger

Glenview, IL
Inside Out Burger at Hackneys
Bacon Cheddar Burger

Paradise Pup
Des Plaines, IL
Bacon Cheddar Burger at Paradise Pup

Slayer Burger

Kuma's Corner
Chicago, IL
Slayer Burger at Kumas Corner
Bison Burger

DMK Burger Bar
Chicago, IL
Bison Burger at DMK Burger Bar
Duane Purvis

Triple XXX
West Lafayette, IN
Duane Purvis Burger at Triple XXX Restaurant

Poor Boy Burger

Parkette Drive-In
Lexington, KY
Poor Boy Burger at Parkette Drive-In
B&B Burger

Grind Burger Kitchen
Louisville, KY
B&B Burger at Grind Burger Kitchen
Kevin Burnett Burger

Mr. Bartley's Burgers
Cambridge, MA
Kevin Burnett Burger at Mr Bartleys Gourmet Burgers

Inferno Burger

Boston Burger Company
Boston, MA
Inferno Burger at Boston Burger Company
Smoke Burger

Baltimore, MD
Smoke Burger at Alewife
Triple D Burger

Joe's Gizzard City
Potterville, MI
Triple D Burger at Joes Gizzard City

Chorizo Burger at The Nook
Egg & Blue Cheese

Blimpy Burger
Ann Arbor, MI
Egg and Blue Cheese Burger at Krazy Jims Blimpy Burger
The Porker

Union Woodshop
Clarkston, MI
The Porker at Union Woodshop
Brat Burger

Town Talk Diner
Minneapolis, MN
Brat Burger at Town Talk Diner

The Blucy

The Blue Door Pub
St. Paul, MN
The Blucy at The Blue Door Pub
Chorizo Burger

Casper & Runyon's Nook
St. Paul, MN
Morel Burger

George & Dragon Pub
Minneapolis, MN
Morel Burger at George and the Dragon Pub

Buster Burger

Buster's on 28th
Minneapolis, MN
Burger at Busters on the 28th
Pimento Burger

The Penguin
Charlotte, NC
Pimento Burger at The Penguin
Super Boy Burger

South 21 Drive-In
Charlotte, NC
Super Boy Burger at South 21 Drive-In

TNT Burger

Bang Bang Burgers
Charlotte, NC
TNT Burger at Bang Bang Burgers
Apple Bacon & Brie Burger

Fork n Cork
Wilmington, NC
Apple Bacon and Brie Burger at Forn n Cork
Cheesy Sacramento

Omaha, NE
Cheesy Sacramento at Brewburgers

Three Way Burger

Vagabond Kitchen
Atlantic City, NJ
The Three Way Burger at Vagabond Kitchen & Tap House
Cheeseburger Sliders

White Manna
Hackensack, NJ
Cheeseburger Sliders at White Manna
RHI Burger

Rocky Hill Inn
Rocky Hill, NJ
RHI Burger at Rocky Hill Inn

The Standard Burger

Standard Diner
Albuquerque, NM
The Standard Burger at Standard Diner
Green Chile

Bert's Burger Bowl
Santa Fe, NM
Green Chile Cheeseburger at Berts Burger Bowl
Santa Fe Burger

The Zia Diner
Santa Fe, NM
Santa Fe Burger at The Zia Diner

Shogun Burger

Bachi Burger
Las Vegas, NV
Shogun Burger at Bachi Burger
Brie Brunch Burger

The Sparrow Tavern
Astoria, NY
Brie Brunch Burger at The Sparrow Tavern
Steakhouse Burger

Brindle Room
New York, NY
Dry Aged Steakhouse Burger at Brindle Room

Foie Gras Burger

Terry's Turf Club
Cincinnati, OH
Foie Gras Burger at Terrys Turf Club
Buffalo Burger

Rock Cafe
Stroud, OK
Buffalo Burger at Rock Cafe
Onion Burger

Nic's Grill
Oklahoma City, OK
Onion Burger at Nics Grill

Donut Burger Slider

The Original Dinerant
Portland, OR
Donut Burger Slider at The Original Dinerant
Good Dog Burger

Good Dog Bar
Philadelphia, PA
Good Dog Burger at Good Dog Bar and Restaurant
Fire Works Burger

Crazy Burger Cafe
Narragansett, RI
Fire Works Burger at Crazy Burger Cafe and Juice Bar

Chili Cheese A-Plenty

Beacon Drive-In
Spartanburg, SC
Chili Cheese A-Plenty Burger at Beacon Drive-In
The Morris Burger

Pawley's Front Porch
Columbia, SC
The Morris Burger at Pawleys Front Porch
Cabrito Burger

Mac and Ernie's
Tarpley, TX
Cabrito Burger at Mac and Ernies Roadside Eatery

Amarillo Burger

Casino El Camino
Austin, TX
Amarillo Burger at Casino El Camino
The Ranch Hand

Twisted Root Burger Co
Dallas, TX
The Ranch Hand at Twisted Root Burger Company
Mushroom Burger

Fred's Texas Cafe
Fort Worth, TX
Mushroom Burger at Freds Texas Cafe

Wasabi Burger

Lankford Grocery
Houston, TX
Wasabi Burger at Lankford Grocery
Bacon Cheddar

Bun 'N' Barrel
San Antonio, TX
Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger at Bun N Barrel
Brisket Burger

Maple & Motor
Dallas, TX
Brisket Burger at Maple and Motor

Chop House Burger

Chop House Burgers
Arlington, TX
Chop House Burger at Chop House Burgers
Buffalo Burger

Burger Bar
Roy, UT
Buffalo Burger at Burger Bar
Cactus Burger

Picabu Bistro
Spokane, WA
Cactus Burger at Picabo Neighborhood Bistro

The Big Dawg

Waddell's Pub & Grille
Spokane, WA
The Big Dawg at Waddells Pub and Grille

Anchor Bar
Superior, WI
Triple Patty Gallyburger at Anchor Bar

CANADA     .. organized by provinces

Save on Meat Burger

Save on Meats
Vancouver, BC
Burger at Save on Meats
Christmas Burger

The Ace
Toronto, ON
Christmas Burger
Butter Burger

The Stockyards
Toronto, ON
Butter Burger

EUROPE     .. organized by countries

Hillbilly Chilli Burger

Grillstock Smokehouse
London, UK
Hillbilly Chilli Burger at Grillstock Bar-B-Q Smokehouse

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