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If you're looking for a family run, diner establishment that continues to serve traditional and wholesome meals, then this diner is perhaps your best choice this day. Each item on the menu includes some smoky charcoal hints such as their Chaps Submarine and Pit Beef classic, finger licking good foods that you simply cannot get enough of. Don't mind the strip-club parking lot location, just go inside and enjoy the great feasts that await you. If you enjoy meat cooked over charcoal, then this place is the top of the list and in all honesty, they're a five star winner in our eyes. Fresh cut fries here are also the bomb.. nothing beats fresh cut in our opinion. And if you want to add their signature gravy to the fries then you're gonna think you've died and gone to heaven. There is a reason DDD, Bizarre foods and Man vs Food have all been here just to name a few. Some worthwhile mentioned items also include their The Big John, Guy's Triple D, The Pit Beef Sandwich of course, the Reuben, Mac n Cheese and more. Seriously, best BBQ sandwiches not in just the city but state. Come get some good food!

Address / Location

5801 Pulaski Highway
Baltimore, MD 21205

Chaps Pit Beef on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

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BBQ Sandwiches & Subs

Bull Dog Sandwich Pit Beef Sandwich
Chaps Raven Sub Chaps Pit Beef Food
Reuben Sandwich Thai Chili Peanut Wings
The Cubano Beef and Turkey BBQ Sandwich

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