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One of the most coziest pizza spots we've come across especially in Boston. With a fireplace, wooden floors and great seating it's a place that you can chill while enjoying some amazing pizza. For those unaware, Dirty Water was a famous song from the 1960's for the famously dirty Charles River nearby. Pies here are made fresh each day, hand-stretched each morning and they make they crispy thin skin right to perfection. Boston-style pizza is as good as it gets here.. truly a must see place if you're a true foodie at heart. Another exciting aspect here is that they use their own signature beer dough, yes, it's actually as amazing as it sounds. Service here is always polite and speedy, because let's face it folks, when we want that pizza and we can taste it before even trying it, we want it fast. They have the classic styles but also plenty of original and unique creations that will make you happy too. They are not afraid of trying new flavors and breaking the bar when it comes to pies.. with topping such as cola-braised pork, caramelized onions, various taco seasonings, pesto and more. Seriously.. you know you want it so why are you delaying?

Address / Location

450 Massachusetts Ave
Boston, MA 02139

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Fast Food Pizza

Taco Pizza Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Hulk Pizza Dirty Water Dough Food
BBQ Chicken Pizza Dirty Taco Calzone
Big Papi Pizza Goat Cheese and Pesto Pizza

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