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One of those casual diners that simply put a smile on your face and leave you full of delight once you're done. A wonderful menu loaded with classic dishes that are surely to satisfy both young and old. Fresh, home-made meals each day that include the now all too famous Texas Chile Pepper Steaks and the all time favorite breakfast here - Eggs Benedict. Small, charming location that deals out powerful flavors and experiences with traditional American classic fare. Also, we'd like to point out that it has NOT closed, just simply moved location to the new spot. So be sure to visit 157 W Broadway Council Bluffs, IA 51503. It's super kid friendly especially the white paper tablecloths that come with a set of crayons for you to doodle on. Hey, it's great for adults as well. You'll appreciate that the service is always quick and friendly and best of all your coffee is never empty. This is so key for us and most coffee drinkers. One note, it does not carry a liquor license but you're welcome to bring your own.

Address / Location

1915 Leavenworth St.
Omaha, NE 68102

Dixie Quicks on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

Menu Recommendations

Cuisine / Diet Plan with Popular Foods & Meals to Eat Here

American Food Breakfast Diners

Blackened Salmon Chicken Tortilla Soup
Dixie Scramble Dixie Quicks Food
Chocolate Banana French Toast Texas Chili Pepper Steak
Dixie Quicks Pie Biscuits and Gravy

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Diet-friendly, vegan, gluten free or organic meals may be available.

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