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If you've never had dumplings or are a fan of them rather, this is truly the most amazing dumpling spot we've ever come across in our foodie travels thus far. Dump City Dumplings steps it up a notch or two with their original and classic style dumplings that will truly put a huge smile on your face. In addition, they also have a full bar with a great assortment of cocktails and beers on tap. The menu is packed full of delicious Chinese style steamed bun dumplings that are not just Asian inspired but flavors from across the globe are incorporated in the menu. They also used locally sourced meats for their dumplings here which equals freshness and quality. You can truly taste the high quality in addition to the rich and mesmerizing flavors. Too many flavors to pick from here but check out the Four Cheese Pizza Dumplings, Pork Buns, Mango Sticky Rice, Rice Noodles, Pad Thai Dumplings. All items are prepared fresh to order - never frozen or pre-made. Portions are huge here and the customer service is always on point and on time. Check out Dump City Dumplings today!

Address / Location

384 SW Upper Terrace Dr
Bend, OR 97703

Dump City Dumplings on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

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Food Truck Cheese

Mango Sticky Rice Cheesecake Dumpling
Pad Thai Steamed Dumpoing Dump City Dumplings Food
Four Cheese Steamed Dumpling Wontons
Lamb Skewers Asian Cucumber Salad

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