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If you're seeking the best tasting selection of classic diner based food that's fried to the max, then this is the place that you truly want to be! A truly extra crispy selection that includes Tabouli, Gyros and Falafel to fill your appetite! One of the hottest Middle Eastern restaurants in the area which has truly been a roadside attractions for many years. Since 1966, they have been serving customer the flavors and tastes from the Middle East with spectacular praise. Their love of home cooking, traditional styles and comfort foods inspired them to open up this Drive-In and they have been in business ever since. The food truly is incredible and we promise you'd never had Gyro's as good as here ever. You also cannot leave without having a taste of their tasty Banana Shake either, this secret recipes is impossible to crack. We strongly believe that good things come to those who wait, and Falafel's Drive In is surely worth that wait!

Address / Location

2301 Steven's Creek Blvd.
San Jose, CA 95128

Falafels Drive-In on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

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Middle Eastern Food Sandwiches & Subs

Banana Shake Falafel Sandwich
Kifta Kabab in a Pita Falafels Drive-In Food
Pita Chips Koubby
Tabbouleh Onion Rings

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Diet-friendly, vegan, gluten free or organic meals may be available.

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