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The most talked about item on this menu are the Crepes, so we've decided to drive down and check them out. All we can say after experiencing the famous Crepes at Foolish Craig's Cafe is 100% YES! We dove right in to the Butter Rum Caramel Crepe Cake and loved it, to the very last bite. Also when here, try their daily freshly baked Breads in addition to their BLT Guacamole creation that will blow your mind. It's all about fresh and homemade here and it's worth the drive regardless of where you are coming from. These fine folks first opened up their doors back in 1998, and with their breakfast, lunch and brunch menus.. quickly became the talk of the town. Boulder is packed with plenty of great cafe spots, but in our experience, non truly come close to this one. We've already mentioned their award winning Breads, and massive assortment of sweet or savory Crepes, but how about the Pork Shoulder or Braised Beef that is slow-braised, to original in-house soups and dressings made from scratch. And not to forget the many desserts items found in their bakery that will make anyone drop to their knees! Plus, many vegan and gluten free options on the menu and their eggs are also cafe free and nest fresh! Using local suppliers and giving back to the community is essential to their core values. They stick with local microbreweries for their draft selections, and these totally hit the spot. Without any hesitation, food here is simply always on point and the customer service is amazing. Foolish Craig's Cafe should be the standards for cafe spots across the Nation.

Address / Location

1611 Pearl Street
Boulder, CO 80302

Foolish Craigs Cafe on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

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Cafes & Bistro Desserts & Ice Cream

BLT Guacamole Butter Rum Crepe
The Foolish Craig Crepe Foolish Craigs Cafe Food
Breakfast Burrito Has Brown Breakfast
Reuben Sandwich Salmon with Brown Rice

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Diet-friendly, vegan, gluten free or organic meals may be available.

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