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Indy's Historic Steer-In Restaurant on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives

Watch episode 'Soup and Sandwiches' aired on season 11

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Just a feel-good diner that everyone will enjoy. Anytime we're in town for some racing, we're always here for multiple meals each day. Like we said, they have a little something for everyone to try. From amazing freshly baked Stuffed Pizza, to Fresh Meatball Sandwiches that are loaded with flavor. In addition, the Beef and Noodle entrees are one of the best we've come across in all of our years of foodie quests. The menu is perhaps the biggest and best when it comes to classic American fare, they've truly got everything you can possible imagine and recall from your childhood, all here. It all dates back to 1960 where this spot opened up originally as "Laughner's Steer In". From 1964 to 2007, it was renamed to "Harold's Steer In" as it was purchased and run by Harold Phillips himself. Most recently, Kehrer family took the reigns to this day and officially renamed this famed location to "Historic Steer In". Throughout the years, many recipes have stayed the same and others have joined the list as new owners and families added a touch of them to it. The Cream Pie, signature Burger Twin Steer and Cole Slaw have remained a staple which you can always count on. The service here is always in good spirits and the quality of the food will put you in a good spirit as well. While it may not be a throwback for some, the 90's feel in here is to this day, and we strongly feel that Historic Steer In is a place worth visiting when in tine famed city of Indianapolis.

Address / Location:

5130 E 10th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46219

For menu, health nutrition facts, hours, delivery, reservations or gift cards please call: 317-356-0996

Indys Historic Steer-In Restaurant


Cuisine: American Food     Diet Plan / Foods: Pizza

Beef & Noodles Meatball Sub Sandwich Hoosier Tenderloin Burger Indys Historic Steer-In restaurant Food Salami and Homemade Sausage Pizza Cheesy Hashbrowns Monterrey Chicken Stuffed Cheese Pizza

Please inquire for any specific diet-friendly, vegan, gluten free or organic meal availability.

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