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One of our very favorite spots in the famed Dayton Beach in Florida, Millie's Restaurant & Catering is the definition of American Fare with an speciality in Seafood! A chill spot that takes advantage of the Ocean breeze, fresh air and incredible beaches. When we talked with the owners, they made it especially clear that they are a true community restaurant which we agree with. Very welcoming and they treat you like family instead of just a drive-thru number. They have a close relationship with the local fisherman which is the reason for their fresh seafood menu that is literally day caught and prepared fresh to eat. Millie's Restaurant & Catering have made this place such a glowing success and we're proud to recommend it and visit it anytime we're nearby. Since 2017, they have become the spot to be at when looking for a great meal. Plenty of goodness here such as their Brisket Burgers, Fish Collars, Alligator Ribs, the Grouper, Crab Cake appetizers and much more. And yes, please be sure to do leave room for some Dessert as the options are delicious.

Address / Location

3218 S Atlantic Ave
Daytona Beach, FL 32118

Millies Restaurant & Catering on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

Menu Recommendations

Cuisine / Diet Plan with Popular Foods & Meals to Eat Here

Seafood Ribs

Fish Collar Alligator Ribs
Fried Flounder Sandwich Millies Restaurant & Catering Food
Fried Fish Hoagie Blackened Fish Tacos
Fishcake Melt Ceviche with Homemade Chips

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Diet-friendly, vegan, gluten free or organic meals may be available.

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