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In a nutshell, this fantastic restaurant in PA is all about homemade Polish food. This is truly as authentic as it gets with Polish classic dishes and cuisine right from the motherland. As they say, the food here is always prepared by hand with love. Since 2013, this is the best spot to enjoy Polish food when you are near the Philadelphia region. It all began from humble beginnings with the Polish food cart, and then finally after much praise and demand, they opened up their 2551 Orthodox St location in 2018. They always stay true to the old-school tradition that has been passed down by many generations. It reasons such as this gem that we are proud to share so many amazing foodie choices and we're anxious for you to try it out as well. Of course, nothing beats the classic Polish Perogies here but there is so much more available to order that you'll need to just go all out. Bring family or a friend and truly make the best of this spot by trying a little bit of everything that looks good. The staff here and servers are so friendly and will gladly steer you to the perfect meals. Plus, they carry plenty of vegan options here as well so everyone is welcome and made happy. Atmosphere here is always very relaxed, inviting and a place you'll feel right at home. Never rushed and we appreciate that as we often take our time after our meals to enjoy a nice cup of coffee with their many desserts. To date, our favorites continue to be their one of a kind Cheese Steak Perogies and a order of Golabki to top if off. Enjoy!

Address / Location

2551 Orthodox St
Philadelphia, PA 19137

Mom-Moms Kitchen on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

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Polish Food Pork

Roast Pork Pierogi Golabki
Chocolate-Beet Brownie Mom-Moms Kitchen Food
Rye Crusted Pork Cutlet Sandwich Buffalo Chicken Pierogi
Deputy Dog Hot Dog Deep-Fried Dark Chocolate Pierogi

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