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You know you're getting a healthy meal when the establishment actually grows their own vegetables and fruits on site, nothing beats that level of commitment and freshness. With that note aside, the food is delicious and really memorable from start to finish at the Monument Cafe. The two favorites currently served here are the Pig 'n Waffle breakfast dish and of course, the famous King Ranch Chicken Casserole, which just happens to also be our very own, personal favorite. For those that appreciate some authentic homestyle entertainment, then be sure to swing by on the weekends for the live music in their beer garden. In full swing wince the mid 90's, the Monument Cafe keep it simple with serving real food, simply prepared. They pride themselves in not using any additives or filters to their dishes, and instead rely on the flavors and textures of the natural foods themselves. Local and seasonal ingredients are at the heart of this operation and it's what sets them apart and above the local competition. Based on an built to resemble the old-school 20's and 30's diners from Texas roadside Cafes, it's a blast to the past that shines in Georgetown. Amazing breakfast and lunch options that include favorites such as the Cinnamon Rolls, Pancakes, Biscuits, Chicken Fried Steaks, Avocado Toast, Eggs Benedict and plenty more. To be frank, when you come here you'll experience generous portions and the freshly prepared meals are always hot and delicious. Excellent place to dine, come visit.

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500 S. Austin Ave.
Georgetown, TX 78627

Monument Cafe on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

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King Ranch Casserole Sour Cream Coffee Cake
Pig n Waffle Monument Cafe Food
Monument Cafe Cheeseburger Pork Tenderloin Sandwich
Banana Pudding Chocolate Pie

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