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One of the best "hidden gem" chefs, Andy Rickers is really amazing when it comes to creating original meals that will satisfy even the harshest of critics. With his Asian-based experience, dishes such as Ike's Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings and Khao Man Som Tam really stand out for Guy. Street food type spot that has all the classic and is always experimenting with new creations to make the both old and new customers happy. Small yet modern spot, we recommend reservations if you plan to visit at popular dining times. For those whom have had the pleasure to visit Thailand or anywhere in the Southeast Asia area.. then this place does it true justice with perfectly replicated dishes. It truly is a dining gem in the city of Portland that once you visit, you'll make a regular dining spot. Andy Ricker first was introduced to this cuisine during his backpacking adventures dating back to the late 80's. Everything from the 70's rustic ambience to the freshly prepared foods which are bursting with flavors.. this place is one of the best restaurants in Oregon by far. Drinks here are also great including a great assortment of alcohol choices for adults.

Address / Location

3226 SE Dvision St.
Portland, OR 97202

Pok Pok on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

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Cuisine / Diet Plan with Popular Foods & Meals to Eat Here

Asian Food Chicken & Wings

Muu Paa Kham Waan Papaya Pok Pok
Ikes Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings Pok Pok Food
Khao Soi Khanom Jiin Naam Phrik
Phat Phak Kuut Plaa Thawt Kratiam

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