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Can you imagine that this place is well over eighty years in service? It's truly amazing and the best part is that the food is as authentic as you get - and delicious. The Seafood here is literally straight from the days catch, prepared each day to your plate, super fresh. Try the classic Lobster or Brioche when you arrive, or take a look over the full menu here that will satisfy everyone. This popular Restaurant & Pub is located on a pleasant wharf side deck here in Portland that has made a name for itself through results. Many have referred to this amazing spot as the quintessential dive bar in a fisherman's cove, and we can't argue that description. We love the staff here as it's a true mixture of ages and the attitude and friendliness is really memorable and appreciated. But again, sorry to sound like a broken record but the highlight of this spot is the deck for dining or enjoying a drink. Nothing better than the fresh air, people walking by, the entire experience comes full circle. On weekends or warm summer nights, it's also the hot spot for parties. Perhaps for some it is still a hidden gem and for those of us whom have had the pleasure to visiting, we're happy to share it with you all. For the freshness, the prices are super low and the quality is something you'll never find at the typical restaurants around town. It takes true culinary skill to prepare fresh seafood, cook it perfectly or serve it raw with skill. In our opinion, the go to special here is $25 for 2 whole steamed lobsters and sides. Check this place out folks, it's one of our Portland favorites.

Address / Location

20 Custom House Wharf
Portland, ME 04101

Porthole Restaurant on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

Menu Recommendations

Cuisine / Popular Foods & Meals to Eat Here

Seafood Lobster & Crawfish

Lobsta Sandwich Corned Beef Hash
Fried Ginger Squid Porthole Restaurant Food
Breakfast Tacos BBQ Bacon Burger with Onion Strings
Lobster Beni Messy Poutine

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