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Q Fanatic BBQ Restaurant on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives

Watch episode 'Po' Boys, Pasta And Pork' aired on season 11

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Pretty much these guys carry all of the types of BBQ Feasts imaginable, plus they do it with their own crafty style. What makes this place unique and worth the visit is their own memorable collection of eight homemade BBQ Sauces. Some of which contain unique and unconventional ingredients such as caffeine. Now how is that for a pick me up? From the owner, the top seller at Q Fanatic BBQ & Grill to this day, remains the Smoky Brisket's. From the first bite.. you will instantly fall in love and order some to go as well. There is something amazing about experiencing BBQ done the right way, it just gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling. Some people get butterflies when they fall in love with their soul mate, well we get butterflies when we experience barbecue done to perfection. This now famous counter-serve spot has been drawing crows and lines for many, many years. A nice addition in recent years is their addition of beers to the menu, both local and many craft varieties. For those who know.. know. We also love the amount of vast seating with almost a capacity near 100 people, which includes an outdoor patio spot too. The mission from the start back in 2007 was super simple and they have stuck with it ever since.. "mouth-watering barbecue". It's crazy that in such short years they have become a landmark in the small city of Champlin and have begun what is surely to be know as a legacy in the BBQ world. They smoke all of their meats daily to ensure that each and ever customer gets the best plate each and every time. Everyone is treated equally, and the consistency of the food here is 10/10. The moment you walk through the doors you are treated with smiles and a sense of joy! You are about to experience a life-changing BBQ journey here, congratulations!

Address / Location:

180 Miller Rd.
Champlin, MN 55316

For menu, health nutrition facts, hours, delivery, reservations or gift cards please call: 763-323-6550

Q Fanatic BBQ on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives


Cuisine: BBQ     Diet Plan / Foods: Steaks & Beef

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Please inquire for any specific diet-friendly, vegan, gluten free or organic meal availability.

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