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One of our latest diners to serve up some authentic style Korean and Vietnamese dishes - if you love Asian meals then this is the place to visit! Even if you are new to it, it would be a great location to experience it for the first time. Located in beautiful Miami, you're sure to get freshly caught seafood with every plate. There is a variety of Asian Fusion based items which we love such as the Garlic Brussels Sprouts, Sous vide Sammie, Cracklin' Herb Duck Sandwich, Pork Bao Bun or the timeless Chunk'd Tots! The in-house Korean ketchup is lathered on most dishes, you'll love it! This place surely keeps it real and you'll leave satisfied - the food is unique and well-crafted!

Address / Location

3401 N Miami Ave
Miami, FL 33127

Sakaya Kitchen on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

Menu Recommendations

Cuisine / Diet Plan with Popular Foods & Meals to Eat Here

Asian Food Pork

Chunkd Tots Ginger Brussel Sprouts
Soft Shell Crab Bao Bun Sakaya Kitchen Food
Korean Style Fried Wings Honey-Orange Baby Back Ribs
Bulgogi Double Burger Cracklin Duck Herb Sandwich

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Diet-friendly, vegan, gluten free or organic meals may be available.

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