Tocabe American Indian Eatery
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A very unique restaurant that we bet you've never experienced before - but just as we did, we urge you to make your visit when visiting Denver as it really does give you a great insight in to American Indian cuisine, today. It's impossible to simply list a few items, but we'd happily start with their made-from-scratch Indian Tacos or the Bison Ribs which are our personal favorite item to eat here. Extremely rare, and we truly wish there were more of these authentic style spots around, but having said that, this Denver based counter-serve Native American diner is incredible from start to finish. The build-your-own Tacos feature is something everyone loves, especially kids that can tend to be picky eaters. We also love the farm-to-table aspect in today's culinary world, and these folks take it to the next local level with 100% native-sourced recipes and ingredients that make this spot that much more above the rest. Each meal here tells it's own story and has been passed down over several generations. In addition, but dining at this location, you are always supporting the Native American community which is a great thing. We supposed you can relate the options here to similar to Chipotle-style, however it's the next level in all aspects. You'll also be pleasantly impressed with the Native style desserts here which include their tasty Fry Bread Nuggets and the Wojapi Cup. Phenomenal, try them out ASAP!

Address / Location

3536 W. 44th Ave.
Denver, CO 80202

Tocabe American Indian Eatery on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

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American Food Ribs

Bison Ribs Chicken Indian Taco
Chicken and Pork Soup Tocabe American Indian Eatery Food
Fry Bread Nuggets Stuffed Fry Bread
Green Chile Stew Melting Pot Salad

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