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Woodyard Bar-B-Que Restaurant on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives

Watch episode 'Kansas City Barbecue Tour' aired on season 9

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For over 100 years, Woodyard has been the supplier of wood to all the local BBQ joints until a decade ago where the owner decided to run his own restaurant. He's slowly becoming a local legend on his own with specialities such as the juicy Smoked BBQ Chicken, perfect smoked Pork Ribs and the massive Burnt Ends Sandwich that keeps on giving with each and every bite you take. If you can't hear our excitement, then read that again. Truly, we are so grateful that these folks decided to open up their own BBQ restaurant as they excel in literally anything and everything barbecue. We love that plenty of outdoor seating that is here and on those perfect Kansas City sunny days and warm summer nights - it's a true BBQ experience unlike anything else nearby. We must also add that their BBQ Chili here is simply incredible and you'll find yourselves taking some to go to munch on in the coming days. Draft beer selection is just right, because for those of us whom live a good beer with BBQ.. it's a must. Service here is terrific and a joy to experience. You are never rushed nor bothered too much.. it's just the right amount of attention which is a rare find in the restaurant world. Another great aspect here is that they don't sauce the heck out of their meats.. that is left up to you. In fact, they are so confident that the art of the BBQ here is so good, you don't need to mask it with sauce. Of course, if you prefer to add an extra layer of flavor, they are provide on the side for you. Some other highlights from the BBQ menu here are the Potato Salad, all types of Ribs and literally.. everything. Don't pass this up when in Kansas City!

Address / Location:

3001 Merriam Ln
Kansas City, KS 66106

For menu, health nutrition facts, hours, delivery, reservations or gift cards please call: 913-236-6666

Woodyard Bar-B-Que on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives


Cuisine: BBQ     Diet Plan / Foods: Chili

BBQ Ribs Burnt Ends Chili Cheesy Corn Woodyard Bar-B-Que Food Woodyard Outdoor Pit Massive Onion Rings Tender Half Chicken on the BBQ BBQ Sandwich

Please inquire for any specific diet-friendly, vegan, gluten free or organic meal availability.

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