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Find Good DUCK Places Near Me - DDD

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One of The most popular birds to eat, it's quite the specialty in many parts of the world. The most popular is the Pekin duck and the meat, similar to chickens is primarily found from the legs and breasts. Where to find good duck places near me? Guy Fieri has found the best places to eat ducks!

USA Duck Places

Duck Confit

Q Restaurant & Wine Bar
San Francisco, CA
Duck Confit at Q Restaurant and Wine Bar
Smoked Duck Breast

Sunflower Caffe
Sonoma, CA
Smoked Duck Breast Sandwich at Sunflower Caffe
Duck Wings

Gastro Grind Burgers
Palm Desert, CA
Duck Wings at Gastro Grind Burgers

Wonton and Noodle Duck Soup

Boulder, CO
Wonton and Noodle Duck Soup at Zoe Ma Ma
Disco Duck Quesadillas

Bad Boy Burrito
Key West, FL
Disco Duck Quesadillas at Bad Boy Burrito
Jar O' Duck

The Federal Food & Drink
Miami, FL
Jar O Duck at The Federal Food, Drink and Provisions

Duck Ramen

Buya Ramen
St Petersburg, FL
Duck Ramen at Buya Ramen
Smoked Duck Leg

Coolinary Cafe
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Smoked Duck Leg at Coolinary Cafe
Duck Confit Hash

Rebel House
Boca Raton, FL
Duck Confit Hash at Rebel House

Pekin Duck Reuben

Hopleaf Bar
Chicago, IL
Pekin Duck Reuben at Hopleaf Bar
Roasted Pecking Duck

Sun Wah BBQ
Chicago, IL
Roasted Pecking Duck at Sun Wah BBQ
Slinging Duck Legs

Rustica Eatery & Tavern
Moorhead, MN
Slinging Duck Legs at Rustica Eatery & Tavern

Smoked Duck

The Shaved Duck
St. Louis, MO
Smoked Duck at The Shaved Duck
Duck Enchiladas

Sophia's Place
Albuquerque, NM
Duck Enchiladas at Sophias Place
Fried Duck Egg

Portland, OR
Fried Duck Egg at Ataula

Roasted Duck Breast with Cavatappi Pasta

Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails
Bend, OR
Roasted Duck Breast with Cavatappi Pasta at Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails
Duck Club Sandwich

Tattooed Moose
Charleston, SC
Duck Club Sandwich at Tattooed Moose
Duck Liver Mousse

The Glass Onion
Charleston, SC
Duck Liver Mousse at The Glass Onion

Duck Fried Rice

South of Beale
Memphis, TN
Duck Fried Rice at South of Beale
Duck Gyoza

Traveler's Table
Houston, TX
Duck Gyoza at Travelers Table

CANADA - Duck Places

Roasted Duck Pancakes

Fable Diner
Vancouver, BC
Roasted Duck Pancakes at Fable Diner

EUROPE - Duck Places

Duck Breast

Port Ellen Clan
Lucca, IT
Duck Breast at Port Ellen Clan

Bird of Smithfield
London, UK
Duck at Bird of Smithfield

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